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With New Fireworks Resolution in Reno, Reminder to Safely Dispose of Fireworks


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – The Reno County Commission passed a new fireworks resolution 2023-12, repealing the former one 2012-30, during their meeting Tuesday, June 27, 2023. At the last joint city/county meeting with the City of Hutchinson, Commissioner Randy Parks suggested both bodies consider reviewing their fireworks policies. The City of Hutchinson now allows consumer fireworks during the 4th of July Holiday. The resolution that was passed adopts the same policy as Hutchinson for unincorporated areas of Reno County. The resolution keeps in place other county fireworks policies.

Fireworks can be used in the City of Hutchinson and unincorporated areas of Reno County from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on the 30th day of June through July 4th. Fireworks emitting a shower of sparks more than six feet are now allowed under the amended county resolution. The new resolution keeps in place the ban on bottle rockets and aerial luminaries.

Link to new resolution:

During the county commission meeting, Megan Davidson, Director of Reno County Solid Waste, reminded citizens how important it is to safely dispose of fireworks.


Five steps to safely dispose of fireworks are:

  1. Allow fireworks to cool for one hour before
  2. Fill an appropriately sized trash can halfway up with
  3. After one hour, place all used fireworks, including duds and sparklers, into the trash can with
  4. Let the fireworks soak overnight in the water-filled bin away from
  5. Wrap or double wrap the fireworks in a plastic bag so they can’t dry Transfer them to your regular trash bin for pickup or take them to your local solid waste facility for disposal.


A graphic with directions on how to safely dispose of fireworks can be found at

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has information about disposing of fireworks: or-Unexploded-Consumer-Fireworks-G—PDF