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USD 313 Board of Education Public Hearing on New State-Mandated Policy Regarding Non-Resident Students


By Lucky Kidd


BUHLER, Kan. — Prior to Monday’s meeting the Buhler USD 313 Board of Education held a public hearing on a new state-mandated policy regarding non-resident students. Under a law passed by the Kansas Legislature earlier this year, school districts are required to accept out of district students if they have the capacity to do so.

The law sets out a lottery process to be followed if more out of district students apply than there are spaces available. There are some priorities set out in filling seats, including siblings of non-resident students accepted into the district, and non-resident military students as defined by state law. It also allows children in the custody of the Department of Children and Families living in the home of a non-resident student who transfers into the district.

School districts do have a little flexibility in setting out other priorities, which for USD 313 will include students living outside the district whose parents or guardians are either employees of the district or of an affiliate employer. This covers children of staff employed by the Reno County Education Cooperative along with companies that provides services to the district.

Out of district students currently enrolled in USD 313 are considered resident students under the policy, and in the policy non-resident students in the district’s preschool program are also given continued enrollment status as long as they remain in good standing.

The policy also defines what not being in good standing is, which includes such things as excessive absences, parents or guardians giving false or fraudulent information in the application process, being a non-Kansas resident, being under long term suspension or expulsion, not being in good academic standing, or being convicted of a felony.

The USD 313 policy also has special provisions related to virtual students including what would not constitute being in good standing in that case.