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USD 308 Budget Hearing Updates and 2023 Fall Homecoming Parade on Track for Sept. 29


By Lucky Kidd


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The USD 308 Board of Education held the Revenue Neutral Rate Hearing, Budget Hearing, and Regular Meeting September 11th, 2023.

During the RNR Hearing, Sheila Meggers, Assistant Superintendent of Finance, spoke of the process, “All of the amounts are estimated, and we always estimate on the high end.” The estimation is intentional as it allows for funds to be set aside in case of emergencies.

Those emergencies have arisen in years past. By having these estimated budgets built in it allows the district to approve repair or replacement of certain items without calling a special meeting to address an immediate need.

The budget was approved as published.

Calendar Committee to consider options during Kansas State Fair week 
Board Vice President, Laura Corey mentioned that she had received feedback regarding Sept. 15. On this day, Kindergarten through 6th grades will have no school while teachers are working a half day of professional development and a half day for a teacher workday. 7th through 12th grades are scheduled to have a normal school day. This is a shift from years past when all students had a day off during the Kansas State Fair week.

Krystal Young, Deputy Superintendent, stated, “When drafting the 2023-2024 school year calendar there was little wiggle room due to the professional development days built in as well as keeping the last day of school where it was. The feedback we had received in years prior was to keep an early start for summer. Professional development days vary each year, and we will consider all feedback when the Calendar Committee resumes.”

Homecoming Parade and Community involvement moves ahead full steam 
The 2023 Fall Homecoming Parade planning is in full swing! Information about early release, parade details, Homecoming Royalty nominees and more can be found here:

All items before the Board were approved. The full agenda can be found here: