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USD 308 Board of Education Hears from Kansas Youth of the Year


By Hutchinson Public Schools


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The Hutchinson Public Schools USD 308 Board of Education met Monday, April 22nd for their regular meeting.

During presentations the Board heard from Zion Burgess, Senior at Hutchinson High School, who spoke about his experiences with the Boys and Girls Club of Hutchinson.

From the Hutchinson Tribune, “Burgess won the 2024 Kansas Youth of the Year competition in Topeka and the Hutchinson Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year.

“The Boys & Girls Club, where an only child can become a little brother and a big brother in 60 seconds. In Hutchinson, it is an honor to grow up a Salthawk,” Burgess said. “There’s something different about how I’m able to say I’m a part of the Boys & Girls Club. At the club, we show up for all the kids. Over the years, I’ve seen the opportunities provided and the growth inside of the club.” You can read more from the Hutchinson Tribune here.

Lincoln-McCandless bussing for 2024-2025-Last year the USD 308 Board of Education approved up to $150,000 to provide transportation for students from Lincoln Elementary School at 315 E. Bigger to the now called Lincoln-McCandless Elementary School at 700 N. Baker. The original calculations would have covered the cost of two additional busses. However, the new shuttle routes were added on to existing routes and the costs came in at $6,300 for this year. Sheila Meggers, Assistant Superintendent of Finance, presented to the board for this topic. She stated that 46 students currently ride the two provided shuttles and 46% of students attending Lincoln-McCandless ride a bus to school. This motion to provide bussing for Lincoln-McCandless passed unanimously.

The Board considered a resolution to close the ESC/TSC/TSC, Resolution 2014-14, pending a memorandum of agreement with the YMCA. The building is commonly referred to as the “Naval Building” located at 700 East 13th Street. The District previously published a notice and held a hearing regarding the resolution and possible building closure to hear testimony and evidence about the closure. The closure date on the resolution was listed as no later than August 1, 2025. The resolution was tabled in a motion that carried 4-2 in order to provide more time for consideration and planning. Lance Patterson recused himself from the discussion and vote.

The USD 308 District Nonresident Enrollment Capacity Projections (2024-2025) item included projected capacity numbers as the District welcomes nonresident students for the 2024-2025 school year. All nonresident students currently attending Hutchinson Public Schools do not need to apply for transfer or reconsideration for next school year, and are already considered in the current student calculations. The final numbers will be published on the district website by June 1 in accordance with K.S.A 72-3123, 72-3124, and 72-3126. The district will accept nonresident student enrollment applications between June 1, 2024 and June 30, 2024.

Dr. Johnson stated, “My philosophy is that we want to take all students that want to come to our district. So that doesn’t mean we say no at eight or at nine. We just then have to start making decisions about class sizes and hiring new teachers. This for us is not about limiting capacity but it is about making sure we are transparent and compliant.”

The Superintendent’s Consent Agenda was passed unanimously. Topics included: Treasurer’s Report- March 2024, KDSA IDEA Assurances, Amplify Boost Reading and mCLASS, Asset Write-Off, PAT Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with USD 308, 309, 312, 313, and 448 for 2024-2025, Gifts to Schools.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is May 6th at 6:00 pm at the USD 308 Administration Center at 1520 N. Plum.

Click here for the full agenda.  


Additional information: Grades 4-12 will be listed as having a capacity of 50 non-resident students, with lower numbers for grades K-3. Second grade will have just eight slots as it is projected to be a much larger class than others.