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United Way of McPherson County Campaign Concludes


By Lucky Kidd


McPherson County Jail and Bail
Chris Dacus visiting his wife, Kena Dacus in “jail,” at Jail and Bail, to benefit United Way of McPherson County Jan. 26. (Photo by Rob Mackey)

McPHERSON, Kan. — The 2023 United Way of McPherson County campaign has concluded, with 271,000 thousand dollars raised, short of a 325-thousand-dollar goal.

The United Way’s Board of Directors said in a statement Tuesday they extend their sincere gratitude to the businesses and individuals across McPherson County whose generosity played a vital role in supporting this impactful cause.

The Jail and Bail event last month where four United Way leaders were “arrested” and put into a temporary jail at the McPherson Public Library brought in 20 thousand dollars to help get the campaign closer to meeting that goal.

The Board said it remains steadfast in its mission to create lasting change in McPherson County, and the success of the campaign is a testament to the community’s dedication to making a meaningful impact, and as they reflect on the 2023 campaign the look forward to continued collaboration with community partners to address local needs and foster positive change.