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Unite For Rice County Match Week Raises a Staggering $208,801.68 for Rice County Community Foundation Funds


By Karly Frederick, Rice County Community Foundation


RICE COUNTY, Kan. — Unite For Rice County Match Week has concluded on an astounding note, with an incredible collective effort resulting in a total donation of $138,801.72. This figure, magnified by the Patterson Family Foundation’s generous match amount of $70,000, has amassed a substantial sum of $208,801.68 for funds at Rice County Community Foundation.

The substantial impact of these funds is far-reaching, contributing to various endeavors within Rice County, including support for students, aiding individuals in need, and fostering community development initiatives. It is important to note that all donations made during this initiative were tax-deductible, further encouraging and facilitating contributions towards the betterment of our community.

Seventeen Funds actively participated in this initiative, showcasing the power of unity and collaboration among diverse entities working towards a common goal. This collaborative effort has enabled the realization of impactful outcomes for Rice County.

The Patterson Family Foundation, known for its commitment to extending the legacy of Neal and Jeanne Patterson, remains dedicated to uplifting rural communities. Their support spans across crucial areas such as healthcare, education, economic opportunities, and more, aligning perfectly with the objectives of this initiative.

At its core, the Rice County Community Foundation is devoted to engaging people, mobilizing resources, and inspiring innovative solutions that foster unity and progress within Rice County.

The success of Unite For Rice County Match Week stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication and generosity of our community members, partners, and supporters. The impact of this initiative will be felt across various facets of life within Rice County, uplifting individuals and propelling the community towards a brighter future.

To see more information from individual funds, you can view the Leaderboard here.

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