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Total of $140,002.86 Raised for Inman Nonprofits During Inman Community Foundation Match Week


By Inman Community Foundation


INMAN, Kan. — Our final total from Match Week 2023 is $70,002.86. An incredible total from an incredible community. This mean that the Foundation, along with participating organizations, will be able to receive the 100% of the $70,000 match from the Patterson Family Foundation.

This means that a total of $140,002.86 has been raised for Inman nonprofits!

A huge thank you to everyone that has donated!

How does our match work?

The match pool will be divided in proportion to the total amount raised during the five days. For example, if a total of $80,000 is raised and an organization receives 10% of that total, the organization receives $7,000 to use for immediate needs or add to their endowment.

Organizations are eligible to receive up to $14,000, or 20%, of the $70,000 match pool.