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Sterling High School Students Attend Healthcare Career Day at Rice County Hospital


By Brittney Weis, Hospital District No. 1 of Rice County Director of Marketing and Public Relations


LYONS, Kan. — Seven students from Sterling High School toured Hospital District No. 1 of Rice County in Lyons, KS as part of their Intro to Healthcare class. The students were given a behind-the-scenes look at the hospital and spent time in specialized areas and departments.

Sterling Medical Center physician Stacy Dashiell spoke with the students about the vital need for local healthcare and why she chose to come back to Sterling to practice medicine and raise her family.

“After graduating from Sterling College, I went to the University of Kansas for medical school and completed my residency program in Kansas City. Even before I graduated, I knew that I wanted to come back to Sterling to practice medicine in a rural environment because I am passionate in my belief that everyone deserves access to care close to home, no matter your zip code.”

The students who ranged from sophomores to seniors had a variety of medical career interests including respiratory therapy, nursing, laboratory, and radiology.

“There are so many career choices in the medical field that being exposed to them in high school helps you make informed decisions,” said Dr. Dashiell. “Rural communities historically have struggled with a shortage of healthcare providers – we must be showcasing the many healthcare career pathways to our next generation. After all, the community is why Rice Community Healthcare exists.”

Students also said they were surprised at how many professionals are involved, beyond just doctors and nurses.

Wendy Calderwood teaches the Intro to Healthcare class. “Students often know about obvious career paths such as nursing or physical therapy, but it’s good for them to see many of the hidden pathways that sometimes don’t require a college degree,” Mrs. Calderwood said.

“By partnering with local schools, we hope to build up the future health care workers of Kansas,” said Tiffany Pulley, MLT, Lab Manager. “We want students to know that if they want to remain local after high school, they can achieve many of their goals right here in Rice County.”