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STEPMC Bids Farewell to Austin Regier as he Takes McPherson City Administrator Position


By Brenna Eller


McPHERSON, Kan. — Steps to End Poverty in McPherson County (STEPMC) held a Farewell Reception for Austin Regier at the First United Methodist Church on Friday, Feb. 23.

Monica Frye, STEPMC Board Member and volunteer shares about Austin Regier during his Farewell Reception on Friday, Feb. 23. (Photo by Rob Mackey)

Regier has left his role with STEPMC to be McPherson’s City Administrator. 

In his five years with STEPMC, Regier has made a significant impact in the organization, the community of McPherson and each person associated with STEPMC.

Monica Frye, who worked with Regier in her role on the STEPMC Board and as a volunteer shared that Regier started with STEPMC in 2019, fresh out of his degree program. 

“He gave STEPMC a chance and we gave him a chance,” Frye said. “And so, these last five years have been phenomenal.”

Frye described the celebration on Friday as bittersweet.

“It’s sweet because we can all be so grateful for everything Austin has shared with STEPMC,” Frye said. “But it’s bitter; at least I’m just a little bitter, and maybe some of you are too because very soon Austin won’t be at the helm of this organization anymore,” 

Regier’s dedication has been an inspiration to many, including Frye, who said Regier keeps information straight, follows through on his commitments, is committed to his growth, and never stops learning or improving.

Austin Regier Memory Book
STEPMC Memory Book gifted to Austin Regier filled with well wishes for his future endeavors. (Photo by Brenna Eller)

“He knows STEPMC kiddos by name and he gives them high fives and hugs whenever they approach him,” Frye said. “He has developed the fundraising for STEPMC to put us on a firm foundation so that we have the ability to dream big about our future.”

Regier has built strong relationships from colleagues to volunteers, board members, family and STEPMC leaders.

“I know that the letters of STEPMC are carved on your heart, Austin and that this transition is just a change in relationship but not a parting of ways,” Frye said. “We are excited to wish you well in your new role as McPherson’s City Administrator.” 

Mayor Tom Brown said even though the City of McPherson is stealing him away, Regier will still have a role with STEPMC, it will just be different, it will be – volunteer. 

Austin Regier giving closing remarks (Photo by Rob Mackey)

“The relationships you’ve built during your time with STEP will continue to champion you as you work for the city,” Frye said to Regier. “I’m confident that your skills and passions will be a great fit to support the entire McPherson community.”

For his appreciation, STEPMC gifted Regier with a memory book full of pictures to celebrate his time with STEPMC and well wishes for his next adventure.

Regier gave thanks to all who showed him support over the years and came to his send-off on Friday.

“I’m just very grateful for each of you and all of the love and support you’ve poured into my life over the last five years,” Regier said.

Regier said he was grateful to the STEPMC Board for giving a “young pup fresh out of grad school” a chance. 

The crowd at the celebration. (Photo by Brenna Eller)

“And to all of the leaders who are coming through a program who have changed my life forever in the way I see the world; I’m just very grateful for each of you,” Regier said.

Lastly, Regier shared his excitement for his new role and thanked the city for taking a chance on him as well.