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Sen. Moran Statement on Voting to Override President Biden’s Veto on the Lesser Prairie-Chicken


By the Office of U.S. Senator for Kansas Jerry Moran


WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) released the following statement after voting to override President Biden’s veto which dismissed the bipartisan Senate Resolution of Disapproval to overturn the listing of the lesser prairie-chicken as part of the Endangered Species Act (ESA):

“Kansas farmers, ranchers and landowners are exceptional stewards of their land because they understand that healthy land is the lifeblood of their communities. For years, landowners in Kansas have and continue to work with partners at every level of government to improve wildlife habitat throughout the Plains. With the stroke of his pen, President Biden sided against the will of Congress and the interest of Kansans who understand and work their lands. The continued listing of the lesser prairie-chicken will not benefit the species and is counterproductive to conservation efforts throughout the bird’s range.”

After the Biden administration announced its decision to list the lesser prairie-chicken as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, Sen. Moran joined his colleagues in introducing a Resolution of Disapproval under the Congressional Review Act. This resolution passed Congress in May 2023, and this week the President vetoed it. The vote to override a presidential veto requires a two-thirds majority vote, and the vote did not reach the necessary threshold to overturn the veto.