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Sen. Moran Sends Letter to Ad Astra Radio in Support of S.1669 – AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act


U.S. Senator Jerry Moran wrote a letter of appreciation to Ad Astra Radio for its dedication to local broadcasting in Kansas on May 8, 2024, and also provided an update on his support for S 16669 the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act

He mentioned in the letter that local broadcasters such as KLQR share matters most to communities, providing them with a “critical service” covering information on local government, high school sports, weather alerts and emergency updates. 

“You give a voice to our communities and foster a sense of shared identity that brings us together,” Senator Moran said. “Listening to these local updates is meaningful for me as I visit communities across the state, and I know many Kansans agree with that sentiment.”

Senator Moran added that Ad Astra Radio’s stations and others similar to them are often the primary source of news and information for many Kansas and more specifically those in rural areas, as well as people who have limited internet access and have a higher need for AM radio. 

“Recognizing the importance of AM radio to our state, I agreed to cosponsor the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act last year,” Senator Moran said. “As you know, this legislation would ensure that AM radio remains a viable platform for local broadcasters by making certain new motor vehicles include an AM radio as standard equipment.”

As of May 1, Senator Moran has been officially added as a cosponsor of the bill. 

“I am proud to support Kansas broadcasters and will continue to be your ally in the Senate,” Senator Moran said.