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Salvation Army Facing Significant Shortfall in Fundraising


By Lucky Kidd


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — As the Hutchinson Salvation Army nears the end of their annual fundraising campaign they are in serious need of help.

Serious need.

Major Paul James said as of Monday they were still about 75 thousand dollars short of meeting their fundraising goal for the year, 30 thousand dollars less than they were at this point one year ago, the funds they raise between November 1st and the end of January make up a major part of their annual goal and helps with cash slow at this time of year.

Last year they fell short of their goal, and as a result the Hutchinson Salvation Army had a shortfall in their budget and had to cut some staff and services at a time when there is more need in the community. This is why a strong conclusion to the annual campaign is so important.

One of the programs that most of the clients utilize is The Salvation Army’s Emergency Assistance Program. More and more since Covid are seeking help with emergency rental and utility assistance. “As the cost of living goes up, the more we are seeing families and individuals who have never had to seek assistance before. Rent has gone up, the cost of groceries has gone up, utility rates have gone up, and it’s overwhelming to so many families.”, said Major James

Most churches and organizations are stretched thin with helping families and the funds are limited. Major James said, “It’s hard to turn people away when you know they’re in need. You want to spread the amount of money you assist with, but it’s hard to make an impact when an average monthly bill has increased so much in just a few years.” While federal dollars helped with food, housing, and utilities in past years, those dollars weren’t allotted to Reno County this year.

Once again, we remind you if you received a Salvation Army mailer with a return envelope having an Iowa address it is legitimate as this is a central facility that processes donations at a lower cost to them with all funds received sent back to Hutchinson. You can also drop off envelopes at the Salvation Army at 700 North Walnut, or if you’d like to make an online donation contact Major James at 620-663-3353.