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Road Usage Charge Study Underway, Looking for Kansans to Participate


By the Kansas Department of Transportation


The Kansas Department of Transportation announces the launch of a three-month pilot study exploring whether a pay-per-mile road usage charge (RUC) could potentially replace the current state fuel tax as a new way to fund roads and bridges. The study, part of the Kansas Midwest RUC Study, asks Kansans to try out mileage reporting options and provide feedback about their experience. 

Today, gasoline-powered vehicles pay 24 cents per gallon for state gas tax, and diesel-powered vehicles pay 26 cents per gallon for state diesel tax. As vehicles transition to being more fuel efficient or not use gas or diesel at all, state transportation funding may fall short.

KDOT is proactively exploring whether a RUC could be a sustainable, long-term funding source for transportation in the state. KDOT, in partnership with Minnesota Department of Transportation, is utilizing federal grant money available to states to study potential alternative approaches to transportation funding. To date, most states exploring RUC are on the East and West coasts — and Kansas is adding a Midwest perspective to this national conversation.

KDOT is actively recruiting pilot participants to take part in the study, which is scheduled to begin in April. Drivers across the state are asked to take part, especially rural Kansans who drive passenger vehicles or medium-duty trucks, people working in the agriculture industry and owners or operators of large trucks. Participants who fully complete the pilot can earn a $100 incentive.

Kansans interested in taking part in the pilot can visit for more information to complete an interest form for the pilot study.