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Rise Up Reno Prevention Network Turns 20


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – Rise Up Reno is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. 20 years of hard work in our community; 20 years of specializing in substance misuse prevention, suicide prevention, school-based mentoring, strengthening families, and empowering youth leaders in our community to Rise UP and be the change.

A lot has changed in 20 years. Originally called “Communities that Care” and located in an office building downtown; they have re-branded as “Rise up Reno Prevention Network” and moved into the USD308 administration building.

Since 2003, they have expanded their list of services, including serving on the Reno Recovery Collaborative, the Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition, and operating the Service Learning class at Hutchinson High School.

While a lot has changed, the most important thing has stayed the same; prevention is the message they have shared since day one. Look “upstream” and stop the problem before it ever starts.

Empower youth to make good choices, empower families to talk to their kids, and empower the community to advocate for their mental health, and Reno County will continue to Rise Up.