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Report: 11 Kansas Children Died from Fentanyl Overdoses in 2020


TOPEKA, Kan. (KNS) – Eleven Kansas kids died from fentanyl overdoses in 2020, the first time the state has tracked the deaths of children from the drug. The state’s child death review board examines the deaths of all children under age 17 in the state. It operates a few years behind, which is why information from 2020 was reviewed.

Drugs laced with fentanyl are responsible for many overdose deaths. Representative Jarrod Ousley is on the state’s Child Welfare Committee.

“I fear we’re just seeing the beginning of a rising trend in that statistic,” he said.

Law enforcement authorities are growing more concerned about fentanyl, with Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach calling for dedicating more of his office’s resources to prosecuting the crimes. He also wants longer prison sentences for those who sell the deadly drug.