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Replacement of Hutchinson Correctional Facility, Fair Improvements in Governor’s Budget Proposal


By Lucky Kidd


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The fiscal year 2025 budget proposed by Governor Laura Kelly Thursday includes funding for one very large project in Hutchinson along with funding for additional improvements at the Kansas State Fairgrounds. Her proposed budget includes $377.6 million to replace the current Hutchinson Correctional Facility, the state’s oldest correctional institution, along with $500,000 for FY 2025 projects and a $250,000 adjustment to the FY 2024 budget for the Kansas State Fair.

Parts of the Hutchinson prison, which originally was the Kansas State Industrial Reformatory, date back to 1867 according to her budget message, and noted it does not have any ADA compliant housing, lacks air conditioning, and has numerous fire code deficiencies.

An analysis by CGL, a criminal justice consulting firm, found renewal of the existing facility to meet current standards would be cost prohibitive.

For the Fair, the Governor is requesting a $250,000 adjustment to the current year budget to cover replacement of the HVAC units in the Sunflower North and South Buildings, and for FY 2025 three enhancements from the state general fund including a $300,000 upgrade of replacement of lighting, and $100,000 each for installation of new security cameras and upgrade of existing ones, and replacement of carpet and retrofitting of the Administration Building.