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Reno County Commissioners Approve Disposal of Surplus Reno County Area Transit Buses


By Lucky Kidd


RENO COUNTY, Kan. — Reno County Commissioners Wednesday approved the disposal of surplus Reno County Area Transit buses. The process for disposal of buses differs from usual procedures due to Kansas Department of Transportation requirements related to grants used to acquire them.

Aging and Transportation Director Barbara Lilyhorn said procedures differ depending on whether they are sold outright or transferred to another agency, in which case the county would receive 20 percent of the current value of the vehicle. If sold on bid, the policy allows the county to retain up to $5,000 of the sale price, plus 20 percent of the remainder if the sale price is greater than that.

The Commission approved the annual review and revision to the South Central Kansas Solid Waste Management Plan. This plan covers a regional solid waste authority which includes Kingman, Reno and Rice Counties. Changes to the plan are minor, and reflect changes in authority members, removal of the now closed Sonoco facility from the plan, and an update related to changes in state statutes. Kingman and Rice County Commissioners had earlier approved the review.

Commissioners approved one conditional use permit and tabled another to the June 26th meeting. Tabled was action on a permit to allow establishment of a church and clinical counseling center in 7200 East 4th, while a permit was approved for a duplex in Yoder.

The Planning Commission’s recommendation on the church property included waiving of some parking requirements on the property and variances from fencing requirements. Commissioner John Whitsel asked this be tabled until a full commission can be present as he would like to remove fencing requirements altogether. Chairman Randy Parks and Commissioner Dan Friesen were absent from Wednesday’s meeting.

The other conditional use permit is to allow construction of a duplex at Main Street and Red Rock Road in Yoder, which has a special zoning category which, like rural areas, requires a conditional use permit for any use other than agricultural or single-family residential.

Commissioners approved an agreement with Wichita State University to assist in an archaeological survey of the site in the HABIT Industrial area southwest of Yoder the county plans to use for a project serving the HABIT and Yoder area sewer districts. This survey, which will be done over the next couple of months with WSU students assisting, is a requirement for grants and loans being sought from USDA Rural Development and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Lindsey Herndon was appointed to fill a vacant position on the Reno County Council on Aging. Her appointment was approved on a 2-1 vote with Commissioner John Whitsel opposing, as he usually does on such appointments, based on his belief the Commission should interview candidates prior to making an appointment.

The Commission approved two cereal malt beverage license renewals for O’Brien’s Marina at Cheney State Park. The marina holds licenses for both on-premises consumption and for package sales.