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Reno County Commission Approves Quit Claim Deed to Return Legal Title for Former St. Elizabeth’s Hospital to Interfaith Housing and Community Services


By Lucky Kidd


RENO COUNTY, Kan. — The Reno County Commission Wednesday approved a quit claim deed to return the legal title for the former St. Elizabeth’s Hospital at 20th and Monroe in Hutchinson to Interfaith Housing and Community Services.

Interfaith had deeded the property to the county last year in connection with a grant application only the county could apply for connected with remediation of the property. That grant was not awarded, and since then Interfaith has determined a better funding source which they are moving forward with.

Commissioners approved multiple year-end transfers. These transfers generally move unexpended funds at the end of the year into capital outlay reserve funds, some of which involves funds that are being set aside for future projects that are being funded through multiple budget years. For Road and Bridge transfers are made to the special highway improvement and special machinery funds. Fire district leftover funds will go into their special equipment funds.

Commissioners also established two new funds, one for Public Health federal grants and another for a new first time felony drug diversion fund for Community Corrections and the District Attorney’s Office.

Approval was given to use a different company for website hosting, switching from CivicPlus to GovBuilt, a Manhattan based company. The County currently uses GovBuilt to build and collect data through online forms. While the first year cost of 21 thousand dollars would be the same as for CivicPlus, annual support fees would be a little less than half of what they pay now.

Commissioners tentatively approved the purchase of an endpoint detection and remediation security software, which IT Director Mike Matthews said was influenced by the recent security breach on the Kansas Judicial Branch systems. Part of the 112-thousand-dollar cost is being covered by District Court and the City of Hutchinson, who have some computers on the Reno County IT system. This approval is subject to clarification on future escalator charges.