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Reno County Child Care Task Force Secures Additional $146,180 in Accelerator & Innovation Grants


By Reno County Child Care Task Force


RENO COUNTY, Kan.  — The Reno County Child Care Task Force, in cooperation with the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce, is excited to announce the receipt of $146,180 of additional funding from the Child Care Capacity Accelerator Grant. This funding from the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and Kansas Office of Recovery will allow Central Christian School and Nickerson-South Hutchinson USD 309 to expand their childcare facilities in Reno County.

Through this grant USD 309 is receiving $124,200 to help establish a district-wide daycare program utilizing current facilities at South Hutchinson and Nickerson Elementary Schools. This program will provide year-round daycare services for up to 57 children age birth through 5-years old.  It will also help enhance their Early Childhood Development pathway at Nickerson High school and offer benefits to Little Panthers Daycare employees.

“We are excited to see the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund recognize the importance of early childhood education and the positive impact it has on families, children, and the community,” said Amy Jones, USD 309 assistant superintendent. “We know that quality childcare is a critical need for our communities, and we are committed to providing assistance to families to meet those needs.”

In addition, this grant will provide Central Christian Preschool & Child Care with $21,980, allowing them to hire part-time staff and acquire essential equipment to accommodate seven more full-day children, including those with special needs.

“We are blessed to have been the recipient of more funds to expand our preschool and child care offerings,” said Dr. John Walker, Central Christian School superintendent.  “By receiving this grant, we can open another room that will be filled with students and thoughtful care from our teachers and staff.  We are thrilled anytime we are able to service more students and families and are grateful for the efforts of others to bring excellent child care solutions to Reno County.”

Both projects align with the Reno County Child Care Task Force’s overarching vision and will be integrated into their comprehensive programs emphasizing training, retention, innovation, and sustainability.

“By championing these endeavors, we inch closer to rectifying childcare inadequacies and ensuring our children access the quality care and opportunities they rightfully deserve across all areas of Reno County,” said Debra Teufel, Hutchinson Reno County Chamber of Commerce president.

For more information about the Reno County Child Care Task Force and these projects contact Abby Stockebrand at 620-474-0618 or [email protected].

About Reno County Child Care Task Force:

The Reno County Child Care Task Force is a group of volunteers representing child care providers, businesses, and nonprofit organizations within Reno County. Their mission is to build systematic, sustainable, and equitable child care solutions that will benefit providers, parents, and businesses in Reno County.