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Rehabilitation Work on Several Houses in Lyons is Proceeding


LYONS, Kan. – Rehabilitation work on several houses in Lyons under a Community Development Block Grant is proceeding. Community Development Coordinator Alicia Hommon told the Lyons City Council Monday that work on two of the houses has been finished, while five more will be ready to go once inspections have been completed.

Hommon said another four houses are in the approval process, of which it’s anticipated two will be approved. $69,276 of a $300 thousand grant has been expended to date, along with $11,850 of a just over $30 thousand local match.

According to Hommon, once one more home has been rehabilitated, they will be able to proceed with the demolition of three homes within the target area west and north of City Hall.

Interim City Administrator Howard Partington also gave an update on code enforcement activity and explained an employee of the Police Department is taking care of sending out weed and junk notices while the city seeks to hire a new inspector.