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PSA on Rabies


By the Ninnescah Veterinary Service LLC


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — Ninnescah Veterinary Service LLC has just diagnosed a positive case of rabies in a farm cat. The veterinary clinic treats every bite wound from a non-vaccinated animal very seriously as it may be a life-or-death situation.

A client picked up a farm cat and was severely bitten on the arm. Under the advice of Dr. Clay, the farm cat was brought into the clinic and euthanized for testing. Dr. Clay informed the client to go to the emergency room and start rabies vaccinations immediately and not to wait for the test to come back from the lab. The owner complied with this recommendation and received her rabies vaccine and immunoglobulins. Two days later we got the results that the cat was indeed positive for rabies. This is the exact reason we push rabies vaccinations in pets so hard. We receive a lot of push back on rabies vaccines daily as if we are trying to up-sell that vaccine to pet owners.

The Ninnescah Veterinary Service is truly pushing the rabies vaccine as a public safety service. Rabies is a deadly disease but fortunately the vaccine is very effective in preventing the disease. Please get your pets vaccinated for rabies!!! It could be a matter of life and death for not only your pet but also you.