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Nurses, State Officials Mark New Law Improving Workplace Safety


WICHITA, Kan. (KNS) –Doctors, nurses and other medical staff joined Governor Laura Kelly last Thursday to celebrate a new law that improves workplace safety for health care workers and increases penalties against people who assault medical personnel. Kelly says that workers in medical fields should not be subject to violence and the law will make their jobs safer.

“We just need to make sure that everybody out there knows that these folks are doing their job,” Kelly said. “They’re doing a very hard job and they’re our heroes and you are not to mess with them.”

The law will increase penalties against people who assault health care workers. It’s modeled after similar legislation that covers law enforcement personnel.

The Kansas Hospital Association reports that it trains staff in de-escalation tactics to avoid violent interactions. It also provides counseling for victims of violence. Federal officials report that attacks on health care workers account for 50 percent of all workplace violence.