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Newton City Crews to Begin Limb Pickup


By the City of Newton


NEWTON, Kan. — Public Works crews will begin collecting limbs downed in Sunday night’s storm at 7 a.m. Wednesday, May 22.

They will start in Street Maintenance Area 1, east of South Pine between Southeast 14th Street and East First Street. They will work their way through each maintenance area in order (see attached map). Crews will do one pass down every street.

Residents must stack limbs in neat piles at the curb. This free pickup is for tree limbs only. If trash, lumber, or other bulky items are mixed in with the limbs, they cannot be collected.

Staff plans to collect all limbs this week and will be working longer hours to get this completed before the holiday weekend. Progress updates will be posted on the City’s website<> and Facebook page<> so residents can track what area they’re working in and which areas are complete.

In Greenwood Cemetery, many large trees are down and roads are blocked. Please avoid the cemetery while staff works to clean up. Residents should wait to place Memorial Day decorations until late this week so the cemetery can be mowed and trimmed after the trees are cleared.