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Musical Drama “A Goodly Heritage” Shares History of Swiss Volynian Mennonites in Moundridge March 23-24


By Kathy Goering for the 150th celebration of Mennonites coming to U.S. in 1874


MOUNDRIDGE, Kan. — A Goodly Heritage, a musical drama sharing a history of the Swiss Volynian Mennonites will be shown on Saturday, March 23 at 7:00 and Sunday, March 24, at 2:00 at Eden Mennonite Church, 401 18th Ave., Moundridge, Kan.

One of many groups of Mennonites moving to the U.S. in  the 1870’s, the Schweitzers settled near (what is now) Moundridge and Freeman, S.D.  Mennonites were part of the larger Anabaptist movement that began in Europe in the early 1500’s. The drama seeks to explain the religious beliefs underlying the Anabaptist movement, and the journey over centuries that brought these groups to America.  

The cast is made up of Schweitzer’s and friends, adults and children, from McPherson County and surrounding areas. Jenny Schrag, who wrote the drama and composed some of the music, is directing, along with Dawn Abrahams. Bonita Howard is the choir director.   

Lyrics and music are by Jenny Schrag, with hymns from Voices Together and The Mennonite Hymnal (used with permission).

The drama is one of the events of the 150th celebration of forebears coming to the U.S. in 1874. Admission is free.

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. I have a goodly heritage.


Kathy Goering will be talking about the musical Sunday morning on Ad Astra Radio and sharing about a genealogy workshop being offered Monday in Moundridge on our Hutchinson stations and KMCP and KMPK in McPherson around 6:30 and on Smoky Hills Rock 95.5 at around 7:30.