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McPherson to become Purple Heart City


By the City of McPherson


McPHERSON, Kan.  — The City of McPherson is excited to announce its intention to become a Purple Heart City, joining a nation-wide list that today includes eight other municipalities in the state. 

To celebrate, the City will host a ceremony to officially sign the proclamation. The event will be at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15 in Citizens Hall at the McPherson Community Building, 122 E. Marlin Street. 

All veterans, their families and the public are invited to attend the event where Mayor Thomas Brown will sign the proclamation, pending its approval by the McPherson City Commission. 

The declaration is in recognition of the City’s support of military personnel, veterans and their families, and especially those who are Purple Heart Award recipients. 

The Purple Heart medal is presented to U.S. service members who have been wounded or killed by enemy fire. One of the most distinguished military honors and the oldest military medal, it was first awarded by George Washington in 1782. 

McPherson’s designation as a Purple Heart City also will make the community a part of the Purple Heart Trail, a symbolic system of roads, highways and other monuments that pay tribute to Purple Heart recipients.