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McPherson Street Construction Projects Nearing Completion


MCPHERSON, Kan. – One of the two streets in McPherson currently closed for construction work should be re-opening by the end of this week. Public Works Director Jeff Woodard said Tuesday that upon completion of the edge wedge, Maxwell Street South of Avenue A is expected to open back up soon.

Also about to re-open is Skancke Street from Chestnut West to the railroad tracks, where the only item left to finish is clean up and backfilling of the curb. The cure time for the new concrete should be completed by Wednesday.

Concerning other ongoing projects, driveway and sidewalk tie-ins have been completed on the Walnut Street reconstruction between Avenues A and D and curb returns are now being placed.

At Lakeside Park, no work was done last week on Phase 2 of the bank restoration project due to rain. As of now, the removal of the northwest section of the existing wall is nearly complete.