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McPherson County Commissioners Authorize Issuance of Request for Proposals for Expenditure of Opioid Settlement Funds


By Lucky Kidd


McPHERSON, Kan. — The McPherson County Commission has authorized issuance of a request for proposals for expenditure of Opioid settlement funds. The County has to date received $54,417.05 from a universal settlement with opioid manufacturers and will be getting additional funds over the next 15 years, though these payments will be less than the initial distribution. The RFP is being sent out to Prairie View, Central Kansas Foundation and Valley Hope, the three entities that provide services in McPherson County.

At Monday’s meeting Commissioners accepted bids for bulk highway deicing sale for the 2023-24 winter season. Independent Salt Company of Kanopolis bid $49.80 a ton and was designated as the primary supplier. The other bid submitted by Central Salt of Lyons was 76 cents a ton higher, which Commissioners also accepted so as to have an alternate supplier. Some salt will be purchased out of this year’s budget.

The Commission approved a request from Public Works Director Tom Kramer to extend the fiscal year 2023 aggregate bid items into 2024, that which with one exception will be unchanged from this year. The one item that is going up is being increased by 50 cents a ton. Freight charges will remain unchanged. Kramer also gave updates on the crossing project at 27th and Pioneer Road, and on work for this year.

County Appraiser Joseph Pennycutt presented mid-year ratio reports to Commissioners, and said the county is in compliance with state guidelines. Pennycutt reviewed for Commissioners a number of cases related to outliers on sale prices versus appraised values, which often involve changes to the property they may not be aware of until a sale takes place such as remodeling, demolitions.

He also noted the number of commercial sales they were able to use were rather limited, and that a number of counties found themselves out of compliance due to what he called a very hot real estate market where properties have sold for prices well above listed values.

The Commission approved reimbursement to McPherson County Rural Water District 6 for line expansion and electronics meters, funded from ARPA money allocated to it. The $21,413.94 reimbursement is not the final amount as the district is still ordering meters, which will not be received or paid for until next year at which time the final claim will be submitted.

A bid for roof repairs on the Health Department building was accepted. Maintenance manager Joshua Pimentel said there is one leak that needs immediate repair, which will be fixed by Wray Roofing of Newton for $1.050. There are also some other cracks that have developed, and Commissioners opted to go with a long-term roof replacement solution that will cost $22,991.75, to be funded from ARPA money.

Commissioners approved two hirings for Community Corrections. One is for a surveillance officer that will basically be a new position primarily based in Harvey County. Director Tim Gadde said this is primarily involved with checking up on clients during evening hours, and also ties into Harvey County’s drug court program. The other hiring was for a part time juvenile intake and assessment position that works two weekends a month and occasional evenings during the week. Commissioners also approved a personnel change order for a promotion of a Public Works employee.

Sheriff Jerry Montagne said he’s in the process of hiring a person to fill the one remaining deputy position he had and has been asked by the city of Marquette to provide additional patrol service there while they search for a new police officer.

The Commission also approved the 2024 cereal malt beverage license renewal for the Lindsborg Golf Course.