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McPherson County Commission Meeting 6/24/24: Updates on County Communication Tower Sites


By Lucky Kidd


McPHERSON COUNTY, Kan. — McPherson County Commissioners received the 2025 funding request of $30,000 from STEP MC during Monday’s meeting. New executive director Angela Brunk said this is the same funding they received for 2024, although their budget is increasing for next year. The primary reason for this is an additional coach is being added in McPherson to accommodate the increasing number of people. Brunk shared data indicating each time they assist a person in getting out of poverty, it saves the community $22,500 a year.

Emergency Management and Communications Director Julie McClure provided an update on communication tower projects. They are still waiting on two federal approvals for the new tower site near Windom, after which they can break ground. Final testing for the new Canton tower has been delayed until around July 15 due to an issue with the equipment needed for testing verifying the site is providing the promised coverage, which initial reports indicate are favorable.

Commissioners also approved a personnel change order to hire a new communications operator, who will start July 8th.

A $58,500 contract was approved with Earles Engineering for design services on an upcoming bridge replacement project on Comanche Road just west of K-61 near Groveland. Commissioners also signed contracts with Ward Davis Builders for a channel improvement project along Cherokee Road East of Inman they had approved in April.

During a study session following the meeting Commissioners and Public Works Director Tom Kramer discussed the possibility of hiring a recruiter to find candidates for surveyor and engineer positions.

Commissioners approved submission of a payment request from the Community Development Block Grant for a project in Rural Water District 1 in the Roxbury area. The request covers $25,000 of the $250,000 CDBG for the nearly $1.2 million project. The total invoice being paid to APAC Kansas for work during May came to just under $142,000.

Commissioners also approved giving county employees a holiday day off Friday, July 5, the day after 4th of July.