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McPherson Community Foundation Announces List of County Scholarship Winners


MCPHERSON, Kan. – The McPherson County Community Foundation has announced its list of scholarship winners from throughout the county. The Foundation’s scholarship process utilized a new system for students to apply through and saw increased participation from students countywide. This year 32 scholarships were released totaling over $26,000 in financial aid.


2023 Scholarship Recipients

Bob Hooper McPherson High School Basketball Scholarship 

Samuel Becker-McPherson 1,000.00 


Canton-Galva Scholarship 

Sage Toews-Canton-Galva 5,000.00 

Brecken Pearson-Canton-Galva 2,500.00 


Edwin R. Stucky Debate Scholarship

 Zoe McHenry-McPherson 1,250.00 


Edwin T. Pyle Vocational/Trade School Scholarship 

Richard Zeller-Lindsborg 1,000.00 


First Christian Church 

Kylie Flaming-Inman 250.00 

Kail Stockham-McPherson 250.00 


First United Methodist Church Scholarship 

Amber Smith-McPherson 750.00 

Dylan Wilson-McPherson 750.00 


Gary McNaul Memorial Scholarship 

Aimee LeBlanc-McPherson 750.00 


Hanson Family Educational Foundation Scholarship 

Reid Schuckman-McPherson 1,500.00 


Hunter D. Emerson Lineman Scholarship 

Lucas Potts-Moundridge 500.00 


Jacey Sarah Cantrell Memorial Scholarship 

Sage Toews-Canton-Galva 500.00 


Jay L. Frazier Scholarship 

Amber Smith-McPherson 1,500.00 

Ariantte Bastos-McPherson 1,500.00 


Kansas American Tooling 

Kail Stockham-McPherson 750.00 


Kiwanis Club of McPherson Scholarship 

Alec Huddle-Moundridge 500.00 

Anna Vogts-McPherson 500.00 

Emily Heskett-McPherson 500.00 


Kyle Jefferson McMannis Scholarship 

Cason Mastre-Canton-Galva 500.00 

Alyson Lawrence-Wichita North West 500.00