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McPherson City Commissioners Approve Ordinance to Adjust Transfer Funds from BPU for Traffic Signal and Streetlight Maintenance


By Lucky Kidd


McPHERSON, Kan. — An ordinance making adjustments to the transfer of funds from the Board of Public Utilities to the general fund of the City of McPherson was approved by City Commissioners Tuesday. Mayor Tom Brown said the transfer of just under two tenths of one cent per kilowatt hour, is utilized for maintenance of various traffic signals and streetlights in McPherson, a practice that is unique to McPherson. This includes an adjustment of rates to achieve cost of service-based rates and will take effect upon publication on the city’s website.

Commissioners adopted a resolution to establish a special benefit district for infrastructure improvements in the Veranda West Development. Developer Glenn Hoover submitted a petition to establish the district, through which half of the $487,000 cost for streets, sewer and stormwater improvements will be paid by special assessments. This is less than half of what had been estimated.

Connected with that work, which has been completed, commissioners approved change orders on inspection contracts with Earles Engineering adjusting for final costs which were less than contracted.

Commissioners approved reimbursement to McPherson Hospital for half of a more than $3,800 repair bill for the liquid spring system on Medic 1, which involved replacement of the pump and both springs. Under the city’s contract with the hospital to operate EMS, the city pays half of any invoices exceeding $1,500, excluding routine maintenance.

The commission approved payment of the renewal for the City of McPherson Fire Department’s record management software program, purchase of two vehicle gates for the police shooting range and of defensive tactic mats for the Police Department.

An annual stormwater report was presented by Public Works Director Jeff Woodward, who said this report is a condition of their MS4 discharge permit, which are requiring more stringent requirements over a six-year period, which the city is in line with. In the future, the city may have to install stream monitoring stations at the point of entry and exit of stormwater in the city and “best management practices.”

The Commission also approved the purchase from two firms of 200 street signs. This is part of a ten-year project to replace all street signs in McPherson, 2024 the ninth year of that project.

Commissioners approved recommendations from the Convention and Visitors Bureau for Visitor Attraction Grants. Of the ten grants involved, only two had to have Commission approval as they exceeded $1,500. They were for McPherson Main Street’s Holiday promotion and for All Schools Day. The other grants included four for Main Street events, three for McPherson High School Baseball Association events this summer, and two others.

The Commission approved payment of just under $100,000 for the annual startup costs for the McPherson Water Park. (Since 2015 the cost to start up the water park has doubled).

Event approvals were made for the Bluestem PACE 5K Race April 6th, using the “Opera House” 5K route, including some street closures and for the Spring Home and Garden Show put on by M&M Events, also on April 6th.

Commissioners approved advertising to full vacant positions in the Street Department and if experienced candidates can be found they be hired at an advanced level and approved a seasonal hire for the Park Department.