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McPherson City Commission Approves 2024 Contracts and Agreements


By Lucky Kidd


McPHERSON, Kan. — The McPherson City Commission Tuesday approved a number of 2024 contracts and agreement, including the fire protection contracts with McPherson and King City townships and Rural Fire District 10, which includes the south half of New Gottland Township.

Each of the contracts is based on a percentage of the final assessed valuation for each entity, and for Fire District 10 will represent a 6.32 percent increase over the 2023 contract, 2.21 percent for McPherson Township and 2.69 percent for King City Township. The combined payments to the city come to just over $553,000.

Commissioners also approved a 2024 EMS contract with McPherson Hospital, Inc. The 2024 contract calls for a payment to the hospital of just over $809,000, part of which is reimbursed by McPherson County for areas of the county McPherson EMS serves. The agreement also includes funding for purchase of two power load systems and two defibrillator and monitor units.

The second part of the design-build agreement for the new Fire Station 2 on North Main with Hutton was approved, setting the guaranteed maximum price for the project at just over $3.994 million, and calls for substantial completion of the new station approximately ten months after construction commences. Related to the project, an invoice approved for design expense on the project.

Payment of three repair bills, two for the Fire Department, were approved. One payment was made to Louie’s Service Center in Inman for repairs to the alternator and generator for Rescue, and another to Midway Motors for replacement of a battery junction box harness assembly on Squad 2.

The Commission also approved payment to Bruckner’s Truck and Equipment for assorted repairs and routine service on a Street Department Dump Truck, change orders on the Wastewater Maintenance Building project to insulate water lines, install a mud box and plumb floor drains into it.

A revised fee schedule for the city for 2024 was approved, including changes in animal cremation and microchipping fees, bicycle registration fees, Turkey Creek Golf Course memberships and other rates, and various park rental charges.

The Commission approved a payment for sewer cleanup, service hook-up and related expenses related to a service on East Sutherland that was inadvertently omitted, which caused damage to property.

Commissioners also approved the annual contract with Foster and Associates for planning and zoning consultant services, an amendment to grant agreements for CDBG housing projects to add a HUD-mandated buy American provision, and authorized binding of property, casualty, liability and cyber coverage for 2024 carrying a 21 percent increase over 2023 which Mayor Tom Brown noted is not as bad as many cities are facing.

A change in code requirements related to placement of backflow preventers was approved. The change, requested by the Board of Public Utilities, prohibits any future placement of backflow prevents in pits or vaults. The placement of those devices, which the city requires in certain defined circumstances, in pits or vaults has made used of them problematic. Existing preventers in pits can remain in place until replacement is needed.

Commissioners adopted a formal resolution ordering cleanup of a property at 1339 North Myers that has been the source of neighbor complaints for some time. A hearing was held last week that involved both the property owner and city staff, and based on testimony given an abatement order was prepared. In order to allow cleanup to proceed quickly, the Commission also accepted a $1,100 bid from Rock Works LLC for the cleanup including labor and disposal fees.

The Commission approved hiring of an animal shelter technician to fill a vacancy created by a promotion. Commissioners approved revised job descriptions for a part-time shelter technician and a part time evidence technician for the Police Department and the start of the hiring process for both positions. Approval was also given for the hiring of a fire intern for the spring semester.