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Lyons City Council Meeting 06/17/24: Council Approves Amendment to CDBG Block Grant Bid for Rehabilitation of Four Homes


By Lucky Kidd


LYONS, Kan. — An amendment to a bid awarded June 3rd for rehabilitation of four homes under a Community Development Block Grant was approved by the Lyons City Council at Monday’s meeting.

Under CDBG guidelines, only three homes can usually be awarded to a single bidder, and as such DH Home Improvement of Hutchinson was awarded three projects and New Windows for America of Wichita one, this at 220 North Pioneer. Since bid approval New Windows for America declined the project, it was awarded, and after consultation with the Kansas Department of Commerce they agreed to waive that requirement so DH could be awarded the fourth home, at a bid price of $41,300.

Two other CDBG related items were also approved by the Council, one a payment of $4,925 dollars for pre- inspection of project properties and the other a contract amendment related to authorization and tracking of legal fees for filing the lien notices on the rehabilitated properties.

The Council approved a revised fee schedule for the city to incorporate recent ordinance changes including the fees for keeping chickens in the city. The new application fee will be $100 plus the cost of postage for notification requirements, with annual renewals at $50 dollars if paid before December 1st, $75 if paid after that date. Other changes reflect revisions to alcohol and cereal malt beverage licenses that are part of an overall revision to those regulations including setting an annual fee for a catering license.

The Council approved a new lease agreement with the Lyons Public Library. The new lease replaces one that had expired some time back, although the library continued to make lease and utility payments called for in that agreement. The library had expressed some concern about payment due dates and late charges based on when the Library Board meets, and a provision was added to address that concern. In addition to monthly rent, the library covers 40 percent of the utility expense for the building that also houses City Hall.

Acting on a Planning Commission recommendation, the Council approved placement of stop signs on West 5th at West Avenue North by Augmon Park and the tennis courts. Some citizens had voiced concerns about the high speed of traffic along 5th as it comes into the city from the county. The Council declined to take action on a request to donate funds in support of a July Spay and Neuter Discount program being offered by Lyons Veterinary Clinic.