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Lyons City Council Hears Update on Planned World’s Largest Salt Shaker


LYONS, Kan. – The Lyons Council Tuesday heard an update from Community Development Coordinator Alicia Hommon and Rice County Community Foundation executive director Karly Frederick on the project that will bring the world’s largest salt shaker to Lyons. Hommon and Frederick said that they received all three grants they applied for in support of the effort, which will also include a salt-themed mural and bringing up and preservation of three cars now in the City’s salt mines.

Kansas Tourism announced a $13,120 Attraction Development Grant on May 9th.

Compass Minerals and Lyons Salt are supporting the project. Plans are to locate the mural and salt shaker on a small lot on the southeast corner of the Square.

Frederick and Hommon said the idea behind the project is to boost tourism activity in Lyons, with the hope it could be a unique attraction similar to Cawker City’s World’s Largest Ball of Twine and Greensburg’s Big Well.