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Lyons City Council Discusses Increasing Allowable Days to Set Off Fireworks


By Lucky Kidd, Ad Astra Radio


LYONS, Kan. – Initial indications from an online survey indicate Lyons residents would overwhelmingly back increasing the number of days fireworks can be set off. Results shared with the Lyons City Council Monday night indicated of the 211 people who had responded, 113, or 53.55 percent, support allowing fireworks to be set off July 1-4. 18 people favor allowing fireworks July 2-4, while 36 would allow them July 3-4. 56 respondents, or 26.54 percent, favor keeping fireworks discharge on July 4 only.

The survey was initiated following a work session on March 15 where the Council engaged in a lengthy discussion on fireworks. 

In 2010 the Council passed an ordinance allowing fireworks to be discharged only on July 4, and on July 5 in those years where the fourth falls on a Sunday. The online version of the code included a prior ordinance permitting discharge July 1-4.

During the March 15 meeting, the discussion focused on the impact allowing more days to set off fireworks would have on animals and especially on veterans and others suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Another issue discussed was the practice of people setting off fireworks in the middle of the street, and not cleaning up the resulting debris. Following a review of available information, it appears that this is not currently illegal. There is a consensus among the Council that the 2010 ordinance be amended to at least ban discharging fireworks on streets or other public property.

Also discussed at considerable length were the enforcement of the existing ordinance and the amount of time it costs the police and fire departments.

While survey results to date overwhelmingly favor allowing more than one day to set off fireworks, several council members voiced concerns that the survey is not representative of the city as a whole, particularly those who are not on social media. The only publicity of this survey came from the city’s Facebook page and radio reports on the meeting.

The city plans to include a link to the survey on utility bills set to go out on March 31.