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Local Leaders Attend Western Kansas Congressional Delegation in Regional Collaboration


By the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce


Western Kansas DelegationGREAT BEND, Kan. — On April 26th, local representatives convened for the annual Western Kansas Congressional Delegation event, hosted by the Dodge City Area Chamber of Commerce. This collaborative effort, orchestrated by participating Chambers of Commerce, including the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the unwavering commitment to the prosperity and well-being of Western Kansas.

Representatives from Great Bend, Hays, Liberal, Dodge City, and Garden City united to advocate for policies fostering economic growth, infrastructure development, and the overall welfare of residents in the region. Distinguished attendees, including U.S. Congressman Tracey Mann and staffers from U.S. Senators Jerry Moran and Roger Marshall, provided updates and briefings on pressing issues affecting rural Kansas, reflecting a collective dedication to serving Kansans.

staff briefing
Staff Briefing during the annual Western Kansas Congressional Delegation event (Photos by the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce)

The event served as a platform for robust dialogues on various critical topics, such as Transportation and Essential Air Service, Infrastructure and Water Usage, Taxes, Renewable Energy, Immigration Reform, Healthcare, Agriculture, Trade, and Higher Education. Participants engaged in discussions aimed at identifying solutions and promoting policies beneficial to Western Kansas communities.

Despite travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Western Delegation’s resilience shone through as they convened in Liberal, Kansas, in 2020. This successful experience led to the decision to periodically host the annual meeting in Western Kansas,
further amplifying the voices of local communities.

congressman mann
Congressman Tracey Mann

“We are honored to have represented Great Bend and Barton County alongside esteemed partners, including members of the Great Bend City Council, Great Bend Economic Development, Barton County Commission, and Barton Community College,” expressed Megan Barfield, President of the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce. “The collaborative spirit demonstrated at this event reinforces our shared commitment to advancing the interests of Western Kansas and ensuring a prosperous future for generations to come.”

Looking ahead, the Western Kansas Congressional Delegation remains steadfast in advocating for policies supporting economic growth, infrastructure development, and the well-being of all residents in the region.