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Local Firefighter Ensures Proper Car Seat Installation for Area Children


By the City of Great Bend


GREAT BEND, Kan. — Thanks to the volunteer efforts of a local firefighter, parents in Barton County can rest a little easier.

Cody Ruble, Great Bend Fire Department captain and paramedic, also serves as a car seat technician and was recently nominated as National Car Seat Technician of the Year by the National Child Passenger Safety Board.

“I got certified because I saw there was a need for it,” Ruble said. “We received calls daily from people asking if we checked car seats.”

At that time, they did not. Now, however, thanks to Ruble’s efforts, citizens can not only have him assist in the installment of their child’s car seat, but the fire department can also provide car seats to those in need through a program with Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office.

Ruble must continue to be recertified annually, including checking a certain number of car seat installations every year. He must also pass an exam and provide community education, something he does multiple times a year with the community baby shower.

“I must also obtain a certain number of continuing education hours which can consist of online training, as well as conferences,” he said.

Since August, the department has handed out, free of charge, 12 car seats, and average around 30 per year. Ruble has assisted in the installation or inspection of around 100 car seats.

For more information or to have a car seat installed, call the Great Bend Fire Department at 620-793-4140.