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Lindsborg Listed As One of Six Great Places to Live by AARP


By Lindsborg CVB

Six Safe, Easy and Very Affordable Communities

The AARP article, found in the December 2023/January 2024 issue, lists Lindsborg as one of six cities where people can thrive. Using data crunching algorithms and spreadsheets, and also compiling information from feet on the ground: “an army of staff and volunteers in every state,” Lindsborg was the smallest community listed. Communities on this national list were:

  • Boise, Idaho (population 236,634)
  • Concord, New Hampshire (population 44,503)
  • Russellville, Arkansas (population 29,133)
  • Traverse City, Michigan (population 15,702)
  • Orange City, Iowa (population 6,286)
  • Lindsborg, Kansas (population 3,801)

Desirable amenities and initiatives, health care access, cost of living, walkability (or reliable public transit), and the local economy were the criteria used to make the list.

“Finally, (AARP) worked with regional journalists who also have a keen sense of these places. Because in the end, ‘charm’ or ‘comfort’ or ‘feeling at peace’ are qualities that can only be determined by people who know.”

Charming, comforting, peaceful…Lindsborg!