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Kingman EMS and Rescue Chief Bieghler Named Recipient of 2023 Donald E. White Educator of the Year Award


KINGMAN, Kan. Kingman EMS and Rescue Chief Zach Bieghler will be named the recipient of the 2023 Donald E. White Educator of the Year Award from the Kansas Emergency Medical Service Association at this year’s Kansas EMS Association banquet on Aug 12, 2023. Nominees for the award were submitted to an out-of-state panel with no connection to the nominees to determine the winner according to an announcement from the City of Kingman.

The purpose of the award is to recognize an outstanding instructor of initial or continuing EMS education. Bieghler has been with Kingman EMS and Rescue since 2012 and has built it into a model service. He currently serves as President of the Kansas EMS Association’s Educator’s Society for EMS educators in Kansas and has had an active role in local and state educational policies issues, along with having conducted many EMR and EMT classes both in Kingman and for other agencies.

The city and community of Kingman congratulated Bieghler on earning this achievement.