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KGBK Relocates to Upgrade and Increase Coverage


By Ad Astra News


The Golden Belt’s Real Country KGBK is now covering more.

Ad Astra Radio has relocated KGBK from 96.7 to 98.9 FM, implementing an upgrade project that has been more than two decades in the making. Along with the new frequency, KGBK has increased wattage from 3,000 to 16,500 watts and moved the transmitter from its long-time site south of Larned to a new, taller tower north west of Pawnee Rock.

KGBK, originally KANS-FM, began broadcasting on 96.7 FM on November 1, 1965. Starting with just 910 watts of power, it was increased to the maximum 3,000 watts then allowed for the frequency in the mid 1980’s. Its coverage was further limited due to a station in McPherson operating on the same frequency, which is now KGBK sister station KMPK.

The 98.9 frequency was authorized for Larned in place of 96.7 around 2000 by the then owner of the station. It was only when Ad Astra Radio acquired the station earlier this year that steps were taken to implement the change, which was completed shortly before 6 PM August 9th.

Ad Astra Radio owner Chris Shank said, “From the time last year first starting researching whether to pursue 96.7, we knew that if we acquired the two Larned stations, we wanted to invest in stations to increase their power and reach. 96.7 reached 6,209 people within it’s 60 dBu (the FCC designated primary coverage area). With our move to the Pawnee Rock tower site, increase in tower height and transmitter power, there’s now 33,707 people within 98.9’s 60 dBu. While the 96.7 frequency was pretty much confined to Pawnee County, Real Country 98.9 KGBK’s signal now covers Pawnee, Stafford, Barton, Rush, Edwards Counties and beyond.”

Shank also said they bought this station along with 1510 KLQR back in October, ordered and paid for the equipment in December, took over operations of them in April and are now getting the upgrade in place.

“Improving radio stations take time and resources and we’re grateful to finally get everything put together,” Shank said.

With the change and power increase, KGBK’s overall broadcast range will increase from approximately 25 miles to around 45 miles, further in some directions depending on terrain factors.

The Real Country music format that has been in place since Ad Astra Radio assumed ownership in April will continue along with local news and other programming.

“The Real Country Format plays songs from the 1960’s clear up to today,” Shank said. “About 10% comes from the 60s and 70s, 30% from the 80s, 30% from the 90s, 18% from the 2000s and 12% Current Hits. It’s the type of station that you can listen to all day and hear different songs throughout the day. If you like country music, that sounds like country music, I think you’ll appreciate the format.”

Ad Astra Radio’s motto is “Your Hometown Radio Stations.”

“We look forward to continuing to increase the local news, weather and sports on Real Country 98.9 KGBK and 1510 KLQR,” Shank said.

With the addition of Real Country 98.9 KGBK and others, Ad Astra Radio is now the largest family owned and operated radio company in Kansas and the third largest radio company in Kansas. 98.9 KGBK is available on the radio,, the free Ad Astra Radio App and on smart speakers through the IHeart Media App.