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Kansas Senate Approves Adoption Tax Credit


TOPEKA, Kan. (KNS) – The Kansas Senate has given initial approval to a bill increasing state tax credits for adoption. Under the measure, those who adopt children would get almost $15,000 per child.

The Senate also made the tax credit refundable. That means parents eligible for the tax credit would receive it in one payment from the state, rather than using it to reduce their income taxes for several years.

Republican Senator Caryn Tyson opposed making the tax credit refundable. She says a single payment would be too costly for the state. “The state could be writing each family that adopts a $14,000 check,” she said. “Our tax code is not a welfare program.”

Supporters say the plan encourages adoption and provides better access to the benefit for parents with lower income.

The Senate still needs to take a final vote on the bill.