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Kansas Officials: Medicaid Recipients Losing Coverage


TOPEKA, Kan. (KNS) — About 70% of Kansas Medicaid recipients who’ve had their eligibility reviewed since April have lost their coverage. The Kansas News Service reports that this spring, Kansas had one of the highest rates of taking people off Medicaid rolls.

Most of the recipients lost their coverage over procedural issues, like mailing paperwork too late to meet deadlines.

Kaiser Family Foundation Director of State Health Reform Jennifer Tolbert says states that give the least amount of time to renew their coverage are more likely to take more people off of Medicaid. “The high procedural disenrollment rate in Kansas is actually consistent with other states that similarly have only a 30-day response or notice period,” she said.

Tolbert says Kansas officials could temporarily keep recipients with procedural issues on Medicaid while they streamline the renewal process.