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Kansas Housing Resources Corporation Awards MIH Grants and Tax Credits


KANSAS Kansas Housing Resources Corporation made award announcements on Aug. 11 for the 2023 Round 2 Moderate Income Housing, Kansas Housing Investor Tax Credit, and Moderate Income Housing-American Rescue Plan Act Award List. 

There were 20 projects from 19 Kansas communities awarded MIH Grants and tax credits throughout the state. Grants were divided up into six regions from northwest to southwest Kansas.

Stafford County was awarded MIH grants and investor tax credits, including the Prairie Vista project in Stafford and St. John, which will support three owner-occupied home projects and six single family rentals. Don Klausmeyer Construction in Pratt was also awarded 256 thousand dollars in tax credits for eight owner-occupied single family homes.

Hayse Management Rentals was awarded an MIH grant for six rental units in Kiowa County, and the city of Victoria in MIH Grants and Victoria Community Coalition for a 12 unit rental conversion project, which is getting both a grant and tax credits. 

K2M Investments LLC from Sterling received $650,000 in an MIH grant and $448,000 in KHITC for a 14 Unit rental project. 

The Grand Total awarded:

MIH: $4,675,000

KHITC: $5,474,000

MIH-ARPA: $8,946,000

According to KHRC, the 2023 Round 3 will be expected to be open in Fall 2023.