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Kansas Chamber Annual Business Leaders Poll Finds Concerns about Business Costs Skyrocketing


By the Kansas Chamber


Topeka, KAN., — The Kansas Chamber Tuesday released the 19th edition of its Annual Business Leaders Poll.

“Each year the Kansas Chamber asks business leaders from across the state to name the most important issues they face. This year’s poll found taxes, workforce, inflation, and government mandates as the most important issues they face,” said Chamber President and CEO Alan Cobb.

Cobb continued, “Kansas job creators are looking for leadership and solutions that will keep the cost of doing business low in our state so they can compete. It is our hope the governor and state lawmakers keep these poll findings in mind as they consider the many important decisions they will make during the 2024 legislative session.”

The Chamber commissions Cole Hargrave Snodgrass and Associates (CHS) annually to conduct a scientific poll of 300 Kansas business leaders to gauge their thoughts and concerns regarding the Kansas business and political climates.

“When it comes to the profitability of a business, we found tax sensitivity is really trending up, with 70% now saying they pay too much in taxes – a ten percent increase from last year’s poll,” said CHS President Pat McFerron. “Managing health care costs, reducing energy costs, decreasing regulations and mandates, and limiting the growth of government are all issues for business profitability that are in double-digits. Ultimately, however, these are all dwarfed by concerns about taxation.”

Other poll highlights from Kansas business leaders:

  • 74% believe it would help the Kansas economy to lower taxes
  • 65% don’t believe Kansas has the best business climate when compared to other states
  • 61% believe it is more important to improve student performance than to increase funding for schools
  • 60% say the lack of soft skills is their greatest concern with the Kansas Workforce

“Hearing directly from Kansas business leaders is vital to the economic growth of our state. It provides the Kansas Chamber with a clear understanding of the challenges their companies face on a year-by-year basis. We use their input to help determine the issues and policies important to the state’s business community and then share those priorities through our legislative agenda,” said Cobb.

Cobb said the Chamber will release its legislative agenda for the 2024 session in January.

CHS has conducted the Chamber’s Annual Business Leaders poll since 2004. The participating businesses reflect company sizes and industry sectors that make up the Kansas business community according to Dun and Bradstreet and are not necessarily members of the Kansas Chamber.

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