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Kansas Attorney General Pushes Tougher Penalties for Fentanyl Distribution


TOPEKA, Kan. (KNS) – Attorney General Kris Kobach wants to crack down on fentanyl in Kansas by creating new, harsher sentencing laws for people who sell drugs laced with fentanyl. Over 500 Kansans have died from fentanyl overdoses since 2015. It is often combined with other drugs to give a more powerful high but is also deadly.

Attorney General Kris Kobach says he will ask for a new set of sentencing guidelines for distributing fentanyl and have the Kansas Bureau of Investigation focus more heavily on the crimes.

Fentanyl is not easy to detect, but it can be found with a test strip. Those strips are currently illegal, despite legislative attempts last year to allow them. 

Kobach says he needs more data to see whether he supports legalization.