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Jo Unruh, Connie Grennan and Nikolous Rempe Named 2024 McPherson County All Schools Day Button Hunt Winners


By Lucky Kidd


2024 McPherson County All Schools Day (Physical) Button Hunt Winner Nikolous Rempe receives his check for $250 from Button Hunt Chair Lucky Kidd.
2024 McPherson County All Schools Day (Physical) Button Hunt Winner Nikolous Rempe receives his check for $250 from Button Hunt Chair Lucky Kidd. (Photo by Brenna Eller)

McPHERSON COUNTY, Kan. — The theme of the 2024 McPherson County All Schools Day Button Hunts factored into both the hunt’s virtual location and where the medallion was found.

Nikolous Rempe found the medallion early Wednesday morning at the base of a tree behind a story walk panel next to the Gazebo at Memorial Park in McPherson. Jo Unruh and Connie Grennan identified the virtual location, the Moundridge Public Library.

Rempe, whose wife and parents hunt with him, said there is usually some sort of hint in the first two days of the hunt, and from that they focused their search in the area of libraries along with Memorial Park. “We actually searched there a little part of almost every day the hunt was going on, and finally the 6th day clue I knew it had to be there,” Rempe said. Other clues referencing old and new and historical aspects were also important, Memorial Park being where some of the activities for the very first All Schools Day were centered.

Virtual Button Hunt Check Presentation - Jo Unruh
Lucky Kidd (middle) presents $250 check to All Schools Day Virtual Button Hunt Winners Connie Grennan (left) and Jo Unruh (right). (Photo by Brenna Eller)

Grennan and Unruh, who have hunted as a team for many years, came very close to finding the medallion themselves multiple times, including on the opening morning of the hunt May 3rd. “Jo and I had been there three or four times, actually looking in that spot, Grennan, adding “we just didn’t look close enough.”

When it came to identifying the virtual location, Unruh said they took into consideration last year’s virtual and medallion locations. “We knew it would probably not be in Lindsborg since both were there last year, I guess we just got lucky,” Unruh explained.

Rempe said he had the exact opposite experience, having gone to Moundridge at one point to search around the library thinking the medallion might be there.

One aspect of the hunt is that it allows participants to learn more about McPherson County. As Unruh put it. “We have discovered parts of McPherson County we never even knew existed.” She also encouraged others to be part of the button hunt.

Button Hunt chair Lucky Kidd said the process of selecting locations for the two hunts is an ongoing process. “I’m always seeking out possible locations, and usually have some idea as to where we go around the first of the year.” Some years, but not always, the locations selected will have some connection to the theme. “With this year’s theme, a library was a natural, but so was the Story Walk in Memorial Park.”

Rempe and the team of Grennan and Unruh each receive a $250 prize for winning their part of the button hunt, which this year is sponsored by First Bank Kansas and Peoples Bank and Trust. The All Schools Day Committee also thanks Bruce Stewart and Stewart Sports and Awards who has for many years donated the medallion used for the hunt.