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Irena Sendler – WW II Hero – Performance in Lindsborg


By Irene Nielsen, Historical Echoes


LINDSBORG, Kan. — The public is invited for a first-person performance of Irena Sender and Afternoon Tea at the J O Sundstrom Center in Lindsborg on September 17, at 2:30 pm.   Irena’s discovery from the annals of WW II heroes was made by Kansas High School students in the 21st century.

An activist Social Worker assigned to monitor the health and “well-being” of encamped Jewish families in the Warsaw ghetto gave rise to daring rescues of 2500 children under the eyes of Nazi guards. The children were destined to extermination at Treblinka as a part of Hitler’s Final Solution efforts.

Babies and teens were ferreted out through the underground sewer system, thrown over the ghetto walls to waiting arms of the Catholic church, doped into silence, and transported in coffins and under carpenter tools. The ingenuity of Sender and her group are amazing but so is her commitment to saving humanity from the Nazi evils.

Afternoon Tea and traditions are enjoyed throughout the Edutainment afternoon with old and new friends. The Tea is served with foods prepared by Rachel ‘s Confectionery  and Irenes Teas of Lindsborg, KS.

For more information contact Dr. Irene Nielsen, Artistic Director, at 785-493-5246 (message) or email: [email protected] (with TEA in the subject line). We can accommodate groups. All guests must reserve a place for the event. Deadline is September 10, 2023.