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Hutchinson TikToker Turns to Community


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – A Hutchinson-based tenant and chalk artist is turning to her online community for help in finding a new home after her chalk art ended up causing issues between her and her landlord.

Kara Vaughn of Hutchinson is known for sharing videos of her unique chalk art on her TikTok page. One of her recent videos, however, shared that the landlord’s wife called her art “disrespectful”.

“In my recent TikTok video, you can witness her being rude to me, gaslighting, and manipulating me. She says she is getting an attorney. I hope I will not need to look into one myself,” the fundraiser reads.

Following the interaction, Kara set up a GoFundMe to help with moving expenses as she’s nearing the end of her lease. More than $2000 has been raised to help the tenant move.

You can find more details and videos on the organizer’s TikTok page:

To view the GoFundMe, please visit: