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Hutchinson Salvation Army $20 Bill Challenge Continues Saturday


By Lucky Kidd


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The Hutchinson Salvation Army’s 20-dollar bill challenge will continue Saturday.

Thanks to some additional donors, each 20-dollar bill put in one of their kettles tomorrow will be matched with another 20 dollars, up to a maximum of $3500.

Major Paul James said Thursday their overall holiday fundraising is about 20 thousand dollars behind where they were a year ago. While they are close to being on pace with kettle collections, overall fundraising has about $228,000 to go. In 2022 they met their kettle goal but missed the overall goal by $35,000, which put them behind for the year.

Major James also said there is some confusion about money staying local because of the return address on the mailing they sent out which has an Iowa address. This is legitimate, and is a centralized processing facility that sends money back to them and ensures you get a thank you letter that can also be used for tax purposes.

This is the second year the Salvation Army has used this, but the confusion seems to be impacting donations. Doing it this way, according to Major James, saves them about two thousand dollars a year.