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Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Announces Layoffs


By Lucky Kidd, Ad Astra Radio


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – Hutchinson Regional Medical Center announced Monday it’s laying off 85 employees. In a Statement, HRMC officials said the job reduction was a direct result of the healthcare landscape being profoundly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing supply costs, lower health insurance reimbursement rates and decreased patient volumes.

Interim CEO Jeff Egbert said that while the reductions are difficult, they are necessary as they navigate the substantial and lasting financial impacts of the pandemic.

Steps have also been taken to manage expenses by aligning their cost structure and service line staffing models with current patient volumes. Most of the job cuts involve administrative and support services staff.

Impacted employees will be eligible for a paid notice period along with the continuation of health benefits through COBRA. The hospital and other affiliates of Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System is the largest single employer in Reno County.