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Hutchinson Fire Department Celebrates Promotions of 29 Personnel with Pinning Ceremony


By the Hutchinson Fire Department


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — December was a great month for Hutch Fire. The department was able to celebrate the promotion of 29 personnel with a promotion and pinning ceremony held on Dec 7th. The tradition of the pinning ceremony allows for loved ones of the promoted to place the members’ new badge and collar insignias on them. This is a very special moment that the newly promoted department member gets to share with his family.

Hutchinson Fire was also able to reintroduce a very important position in the fire department. After many years of its absence, the Fire Engineer position has been reinstated. This position is arguably one of the most important roles in a fire department. The Engineer has the important task of transporting the crew to the emergency, operating and pumping the apparatus, knowing all streets in the city and response territory, use and maintenance of all equipment, and is the first line of leadership in the station.

Congratulations to the following personnel. Job well done!

Division Chief of Operations – Jeremy Unruh

(Photo Credit: Hutchinson Fire Department)

Battalion Chief – Chad Allen

(Photo Credit: HFD)

Fire Captain – Dalton Black, Ron Kaufman, Luke Raya

Fire Captains
(Photo Credit: HFD)

Fire Engineer – Austin Arheart, Danny Chambers, Rick Dowers, Calen Dunn, Garret Ediger, Luke Fawcett, Jake Gehring, Adam Gehring, Jack Goertzen, Kyle Graves, Dawson Harris, Carolyn Herndon, Brad Hiebert, Jacob Ice, Cole Inghram, Colin Kennedy, Tim Mans, Chase Manuel, Wade Marisol, Zach Richardson, Mike Sooter, Jeff St. Clair, Martin Swiggart, Kendall Wilson

Gold Engineer Group (Photo Credit: HFD)
Blue Engineer Group (Photo Credit: HFD)
Red Engineer Group (Photo Credit: HFD)